Rogaining and Orienteering

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Orienteering and Rogaining are fun and exciting sports that are all about getting out in the bush or the urban environment and using your navigation skills. If you enjoy cross country running, bushwalking or just spending time outdoors while challenging yourself, then this is the right sport for you.

The goal in both orienteering and rogaining is to find the checkpoints that are marked on a map as quickly as possible. The map is handed out to competitors at the start of the event. Checkpoints are marked with a white and orange flag. When you finally find a checkpoint - after careful route planning, careful navigation and/or a bit of luck, you use the manual or electronic puncher hanging off the checkpoint to mark it on your control card or electronic timing device. Then you make your way to the next checkpoint or you can decide to make your way to the finish line.

There some differences between rogaining and orienteering. In Orienteering checkpoints have to be visited in a specified order. The fastest competitor to visit all checkpoints in the right order and return to the finish wins. Orienteering events typically last for 1 to 3 hours but can last for longer.

Rogaining is the sport of long distance cross country navigation. In contrast to orienteering, rogaining is a team sport, with 2-5 people per team. There is no given order to the checkpoints; instead, every checkpoint gives a number of points. The task is to get as many points as possible within a given time limit. Rogaining events usually last for 6, 8 , 12 or 24 hours. Challenges in rogaining are not only to find checkpoints, but also to plan a route that collects the most amount of points, and to make it back to the finish on time - every minute late costs precious points! Teams can take it as hard or as leisurely as they wish. The spectrum ranges from families going for a few short walks to nearby checkpoints in between meals and sleeping, to bush-bashing runners that dash off through the entire night and just make it back after 24 hours with only minutes to spare...

ANUMC members regularly participate in ACT and NSW rogaines and orienteering events. If you are keen to form a team or participate in some navigation courses, let us know!

More information and event calendars on the ACT rogaining association website for monthly events: And Orienteering ACT website for Monday nights Street-O and Wednesday night Twilight events: