Cross Country (XC) Skiing

In XC skiing the boot is connected to the skis at the toe which allows you to ski up hills as well as down. The freedom to ski away chairlifts reduces costs and opens up vast areas to explore.




Advantages of XC skiing are:

  • first timers who have never been to the snow are attracted by the fact that XC skiing the cheapest way to try skiing
  • downhill skiers are attracted by the adrenalin of backcountry downhill which gets you away from the crowds at resorts and out to the fresh snow in the backcountry
  • the amazing beauty and remoteness of Australia's alpine areas attracts “bushwalkers on skis” who want to go for a relaxing tour but have that downhill thrill you can't get with snow shoes
  • resort telemarkers want the challenge of telemark skiing without leaving the convenience of the lifts (and luxuries like pubs) at the ski resorts
  • the fitness and challenge of racing attracts competitive people to XC ski racing.


During the season the ANUMC runs trips covering all types of XC skiing trips: from challenging overnight trips to downhill night skiing under lights (or enjoying a beer by the fire while others night ski).


Each season the ANUMC organises our own XC ski lessons, as well as allowing our members to join lessons planned by other clubs. See the trip calendar for the latest details.

First Timers and Beginners Lessons

First Timers and Beginners Ski Lessons are designed for those with little or no XC skiing experience. Prior experience isn't required; they're even suitable for those who have never seen snow before. The aim of these lessons is to give every club member the chance to try XC skiing and gain the basic skills needed to take part in other club trips. Because these trips are for first time skiers and beginners, they stay on gentle slopes without any pressure to keep up with more experienced skiers. The lessons cover the basic skills of XC skiing and are taught by fully qualified instructors.

Lessons generally consist of two half day sessions. The group drives from Canberra to the Snowy Mountains on a Friday evening and camps below the snowline, then drives up to the resort in time for their lesson on Saturday morning. After the first session, the group camps below the snowline again, then returns to the resort on Sunday morning for the second session and a short ski-tour.

If you are interested in an ANUMC First Timers and Beginners Lesson, look for the trips on the calendar and follow the instructions for signing up.

The cost of lessons depends on the type of lesson and number of trainees but is generally around $50-80 in total for two half-days (which is a bargain compared with downhill skiing lessons).

Having done just one First Timers and Beginners Lesson weekend, you should be ready for trips that are marked "beginner". This may include very easy overnight trips, where less than 5km is skied with a pack and the trip leader is happy to introduce new skiers to snow camping.

Intermediate lessons

The club also organises intermediate XC ski lessons. These are intended for anyone who is comfortable with basic XC techniques and wants to learn the art of the telemark turn. If you are interested in an intermediate lesson, contact the XC ski officer to express your interest.