Hire rates

Only ANUMC members may hire gear and are required to pay hire fees and a deposit. Hire rates (for both club trips and private trips) are per week. If you wish to extend the duration of your hire you will need to return the gear and re-hire it. Multi week trips will need written approval from the head gear store officer and will be charged on a per week basis.

All hires are subject to the gear hire rules

Club Trip Hire / Week

The below hire rates are flat rates, meaning they are fixed regardless of how many items are hired. These rates are for the hire of gear for personal use on club trips.

Category Fee per week Deposit
A $0 $10
B $10 $30
C $10 $60
Category Gear
A foam sleeping mat, whistle, book, groundsheet, trowel, poo tube
B everything other than A or C
C AT ski gear, trad gear, mountaineering tents, party tent 

Trip leaders may hire personal gear free of charge but are still required to pay a deposit.

Private Trip Hire / Week

Only Categories A and B (above) are able to be hired for private trips, with the exclusion of trad gear, which may be privately hired, with the approval of the climbing officer. Ropes cannot be hired for private trips.

Club trips get priority over private trips. Hire fees for private trips are higher than those of club trips in order to incentivise people to make their private trips available to other club members. 

Items available   Fee per week   Deposit
Up to 3 items $30 $30
Up to 6 items  $30 $40
Up to 9 items $30 $60