EOI: Walking through the Zanskar Valley: postponed to 2023 ??

Trip type: 
around $2600? ($500 will be subsidised by the club so actually more like $2100 I'm guessing???).Basically, it looks like the cost will be in the low 2000s.
Start date: 
Tuesday, 20 June 2023 - 9:00am to Sunday, 23 July 2023 - 9:00am

This is a call for expressions of interest for my trip 'walking through the Zanskar valley', funded by the expedition fund. 

This will be a month long trip where we travel all the way up to northern India and do a 3-3.5 week trek through the Zanskar region. We will see some amazing geological formations, pass through remote villages and visit one of the most isolated monasteries in the world! 

This trip is open to anyone that can walk! You don't need to be incredibly fit or experienced to come on this trip.  But you must be excited, positive and motivated enough to keep on walking day after day after day!

If you have absolutely no bushwalking experience right now but are interested, you are still welcome to come! But I will expect you to gain a certain amount of experience before this trip. I will organise some training walks for this purpose. These will include some very long day walks, some overnighters and one week long walk most likely during the easter teaching break of  2022. 

Equally, if you are very experienced in long distance multi-day bushwalking, I would really appreciate you coming along! Personally I am somewhat of a beginner, and it would be incredibly valuable to have someone more experienced than I on this team. I would love to learn from you!

Funding provided is maximum $500 per person, for up to $3000. I am choosing to take a maximum of 6 people on this trip (I'm not comfortable managing a larger group size, and I think it is better to travel in smaller groups when staying in remote villages).  

Originally, I planned on doing this walk independently but now I have decided to do it with a local guide. With a guide, we will be safer,  will learn so much more about the history of the area, and will have more chance to interact with local people. I also think that I found a really good guide for us! 


Note that we may face issues in relation to the political climate in the region. I will keep up to date with the political situation in the Jammu&Kashmir/Ladakh region leading up to the trip and make alterations to our plan if things get out of hand. Historically, the Ladakh region (which is where Zanskar is) has been quite peaceful and conflict-free. However, there are problems in the neighboring state of Jammu & Kashmir. In my original application, my plan involved us approaching the start of the trek through Jammu, and passing through towns like srinagar, where some violence has occured in the past. But now, I have changed this plan and we will instead fly straight into Leh, avoiding potentially dangerous areas. It looks like we are going to be very safe but of course if the situation changes, I'll alter the plan so we stay safe!

Please sign up if you're keen! This is going to be an adventure of a lifetime. 

Here's a link to my trip proposal: 2019 Zanskar Valley.pdf. Note that many changes to the original plan have occurred since I submitted this proposal: I have decided to go with a local guide (adding around $250 per person your expenditure,assuming that 6 of us go. It'll cost more if less of us go.), and also flying into Leh instead of approaching by bus (around $100-$150 more than the bus route).  Also, there have been changes to the route I outlined in my proposal. We will be starting the walk from Lingshed instead ( they are building a road there and the road has been built up to Lingshed). To extend the length of the walk (since we are cutting out the walk from Lamayuru to Lingshed), we are going to do some side trips off the main track. Feel free to contact me if you want to see the exact itinerary we intend on following. 

*also the dates listed in the trip description are not concrete. All I know is that the trip will occur during the university's winter break of 2022 ( hopefully, if travel to india becomes safe again). I will decide the exact start and end day later on when there is more clarity about when this trip will actually be possible. If it is still not possibel to travel to India in mid 2022, I may have to postpone the trip even more :( 





Intended plan: 
Will fill out closer to the trip date
Departure and intended return times: 
Will fill out closer to the trip date
Local knowledge: 
I have never been to this area before.
Unlimited slots left.