Participating in a trip

Signing up to a trip

Here are a few things to keep in mind before signing up for a trip:

  • Read the trip description carefully. Make sure you have the right skills, experience and fitness.
  • Signing up is a commitment to attend, not an expression of interest.
  • If you can no longer attend, cancel your registration as soon as possible to provide someone else an opportunity to sign up. If in doubt, contact the Trip Leader directly.
  • Trip Leaders are volunteers who run trips in their spare time. Most Trip Leaders are very flexible and can accommodate most things, however do not expect a Trip Leader to change plans to suit you.

Pre-trip meetings

Pre-trips meetings are held prior to the trip as detailed in the trip description. They usually cover:

  • Transport: including choosing drivers and working out meeting places
  • Gear: If you need anything (e.g. tents, stoves, climbing gear etc.) it can be hired from the gear store after the pre-trip.
  • Specifics of the trip, exactly you're doing and anything special you need to be aware of.

It is very important to attend pre-trips. If you don't attend a pre-trip and don't notify the leader, then you probably won't be going.


Costs vary considerably from trip to trip. They can include, fuel, camping fees, gear hire, food and national park entry.

Fuel money is generally collected by the leader towards the end of a trip and distributed equally among the drivers. For larger trips with many participants, fuel money is collected in advance at the pre-trip.

Non-member participation

Non-members may participate on private trips using club gear. Non-members may only participate on club trips if space is available and only as a guest of the trip leader. Club members have priority on club trips. Non-members who regularly attend club trips will be expected to become members.

Non-members cannot hire gear from the club. Members may hire gear on behalf of a non-member in some instances. For more information see the gear hire rules.