About the club

The Australian National University Mountaineering Club (ANUMC) was formed on the 29th of September 1967 from a merger of the ANU Bushwalking, Rockclimbing and Canoe Clubs. The ANUMC is Canberra's largest and most active outdoor club running hundreds of activities each year. 

The Club is coordinated from this website. You'll need a login to access some of the content and mailing lists. Paid members can participate on trips and hire gear from the gear store. Non-members can go on a trial trip for an additional cost, but members get priority. If you wish to become a member check out the membership page.

Club trips are not commercially guided tours. Trip leaders are club members who volunteer their time to organize the trip, coordinate equipment and transport. Participants are responsible for their own safety and enjoyment. What you get out of a trip is up to you.

Campsite with tent in sunlight